I teach voice and performance skills. I love coaching singers and singer/songwriters so they can offer their most exciting and truthful performance on a regular basis. I feel it is my job to pass on the extremely hard won knowledge I've gained in the past 30 plus years. I've been teaching voice/guitar and coaching singers since 1995. 

     My Mission is to assist you in finding YOUR VOICE and to give you a good technical and emotional foundation on which to build your career. I teach mostly in my home town of Tucson, AZ.  I can teach anywhere I am.

     If you really want to develop your vocal technique and/or work on your guitar skills along with your voice or just learn to play and sing, I'm your man.

     I began studying guitar at age nine. I studied voice and classical guitar at Chicago Musical College where I was also bit by the theater bug. After two years, I left school to work with the touring Free Street Theater Company for four years where I also wrote songs for the company. 

     I then moved to New York City to continue singing studies with Broadway star Ed Dixon. I studied acting with Ed Kovens of the famed Actors' Studio teaching Lee Strasburg's method and William Alderson who taught Sandy Meisner's method. 

     I have worked in several musicals and plays both in NYC and on tour as well as commercials and bit parts on the soaps. 

     I've produced six CDs of my own songs and toured the country and Europe as a solo artist. I've also produced work for Tucson artists as well as Raz-Kids educational website. 

     On March 21, 2013 I received the gift of a double lung transplant. That is why I will invite you to show up at my teaching room HEALTHY. Good health is very valuable to me and should be to you as well.
     For more information please call: 520-318-9241. www.erichansen.net Tucson, AZ.