Welcome to my site. I’m glad you’ve come.

 I hope you will find bits of your life reflected in my songs.  After all, that is a big part of my job and joy in writing and performing.  I write the songs as they come to and through me, but they are meant to be heard by human ears and hearts and work their playful or thoughtful secrets into your soul. They are meant to touch you in some way.  My songs are like my children and my best hope for them is that they go out into the world and do good work.  I am grateful for every song I have ever written.  It has always astounded me that one moment there is just air…space, and the next moment, there is a song that has the capability to make a person feel something.  It’s a wondrous miracle and I am proud to be a part of the process.

Once again, due to my body rejecting the first set of good lungs, I will be put on the transplant list soon.  I look forward to singing again and seeing you out there!

Eric Hansen

Tucson, AZ

Please consider becoming an organ donor.