One month before three year traniversary!

Roughly one month before my three year double lung transplant anniversary I was feeling a vague tightness in my chest and a small dry cough that was not always present. I may have been a bit out of breath, but nothing really noticeable.  But I called my nurse Danny to ask if people were struggling with allergies.  We've had a mild winter and there was so much in bloom! That was Thursday and he put me on Prednisone and antibiotics until Monday when I was to come in to clinic.

We did a PFT and my lung function was down by 34%. They decided  to put me in the hospital immediately. They started a very aggressive course of meds by IV and by mouth.

I tried to sleep through the steroidal haze. I walked around, ate way too much and talked to my nurses.

We did a bronchcosopy the following morning, a CT scan and a test for the heart and a DSA test to check the Antibodies. Then, we waited for test results.  That took a few days. They had no idea what was going on inside my lungs, but something was and they treated for the worst case scenario: Rejection!

But they found no sign of rejection or a virus or bacteria. They sent me home to wean off the high dose steroids and just rest.  I wasn't scared when I was in the hospital, but in the hospital, but I am a bit concerned that my lung function will not return to 100% again and I will be heading down the same path as before.  I really love breathing very well.

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